Monday, 24 May 2010

Tongue tied

Well that's it, let me just sit here and not say a word - smile inanely and agree with whatever tripe the corporate clones come out with.... Friday was my annual appraisal, and as its the custom, I was asked to nominate my 'peers' to participate in my ritual humiliation, sorry, 360 degree feedback..... so the big news i sthat I 'stutter' - I who in my arrogance pride myself on the fluency of speech and vocabulary - but who realises that I can't use 'ten-dollar' words in dime company, and therefore have to think up a simple way to express myself so as not to cause confusion or offence. Oh, and that was the other piece of feedback - I am negative - No, I am not being negative, I am just being Irish (we never speak well of each other ;-) so now I have think even harder before speaking so that's it, silence is golden

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