Thursday, 21 October 2010

Kill Bill or Wi-Fi Wars vol 1

The Girly Nerds did a great post about Passive-aggressive Wifi names And I am reaching the point where I am going to reconfigure my Router and the name I have chosen is...
Kill Bill

About 3 weeks ago we started to lose WiFi pretty regularly - around 7 each evening our WiFi goes down and the only WiFi we can see is....


We don't have any neighbours called Bill, at least no-one that we talk to - There are a couple of NIMBYs that do back on to us and who did take exception to our house being built, but no-one who looks like a Bill.
No idea who it is.

So, each time, off I toddle, down to the 'computer room' under the stairs (see it's not just me who's a Geek Engineer - Alpha Geek Macca is worse) and re-boot the router.
This does the job until Bill restarts his sodding router too.

Now I know that the reason is probably that we are on the same channel, and I know I should just change it, but Macca has the manuals and he is in denial that this is the cause.

So, if I change the name of our Router - will Bill get the message, and change his channel instead? Or will he turn out to be the leader of a lethal assassination squad and send them around to blow us all away? 

Vol 2 to follow.... 


  1. I have this same problem when my daughter is home from college. I can't connect to the wireless, but somehow she is still connected. So, I unplug and replug the router, then she comes out of her room and asks if I did something. I say - yep because it wasn't working for me. We pay the bills, so she doesn't complain. It doesn't happen when she's at college, so we deal with it only when she's home.

  2. I used to have my phones bluetooth ID set up as "I'll bluetooth u in the face". Which I thought was hilarious until a client offered to send me a file and scanned for bluetooth connections before I could protest. We were standing in a radio secure server room at the time so I couldn't even deny it was mine.

  3. Hah - Johnny, my husband used to videotape all the middle school and high school band programs when my kids were in it. He would be in the loft for hours and spent a lot of the time scanning bluetooth connections, just to see what he could get and watching to see if someone picked up the phone to look at it.

  4. I like to take screen shots of Wifi names when I'm in Seattle. My two favorites are: