Sunday, 2 January 2011

Because I thought of the day...(Mar smaoinigh mé ar an lá)

Over the holidays I have had a couple of my own Subh Milis moments.

Bemoaning the quantities of Sylvanian Families bits and pieces, the Hama bead horrors, the fact that there are almost no decorations over five feet high on the tree, or that the modernist tree on the sideboard seems to have acquired some colouful, though poignant, additions to the black and gold theme. I suddenly realise that in a very few short years I will have it all to myself.

Suddenly I am overcome with nostalgia for these days, already slipping away, while we are still in the grip of Santa and joyous belief and enjoyment of the moment, and I stop and remind myself that one day the small hands will be..


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  1. Grainne, I have had so many of those, too... They are growing up so fast. Nicolas asked me a few times over the past week why I keep pulling him to me and hugging and kissing him. I can almost feel him slipping away from me in some ways. These are precious years indeed. How much longer will their idea of the perfect Christmas holiday be 10 days holed up in the cottage with nothing much more than board games, books, and hours of lazying around with their old farts of parents. :-)
    I clicked through to the poem, and both you and Subh Milis made me cry.
    Now I have words for how I have been feeling. Because I thought of the day...
    Michelle xxx
    PS: Happy, happy New Year!

  2. Thanks For your lovely comment Michelle - my turn to cry. Happy new year to you and yours -x-

  3. Note: Subh Milis was the first poem in the required texts in the Irish language at secondary school, it is the only poem in Irish that I ever memorised, but it's only as the girls grow up that I truly appreciate it's simple beauty..