Friday, 20 April 2012

Gardening Leave I

Seriously? A year? A WHOLE year? As my last post was the 21st April 2011, I guess it must be..
Well life has changed radically, again. Probably for the best...
Those who follow me on Twitter will know that in December my long-term corporate employer decided to cancel the IT Innovation initiative I was on - and along with 6 of my colleagues, I found myself without a job.
If you read my other posts you will know that I was at best ambivalent about my employer and it's culture, no matter how much I loved my job and the people around me.
So, a new start, and while it is not crystalline, I have been adjusting to another new paradigm, finding out things about myself and how I want to operate.
I have only just finished 'working' out my notice and reaching a final agreement with my now ex-employer, and until that was done, didn't feel motivated to blog, but now I need to restart my working life, and so thought I would blow the dust off, and give this another go...
So, I've been on 'gardening leave' - literally and metaphorically, and I thought I'd share with you what's been happening....

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